We are pleased you have chosen to apply for a Research Volunteer (RV) position. Please note the minimum time requirement for participation in the RV Program is 6 months.

To get the process started, we need some additional information from you. Please complete the entire application as soon as possible. There are several sections you must complete: 1) Applicant Information, 2) CITI Training, 3) HIPAA/PHI Training, 4) Experience & Resume, 5) Attestation.

Upon submitting the application, you should receive an automated confirmation email stating we received your application.

Note: If you are a current volunteer at any Ascension Seton Healthcare Family facilities, you MUST fulfill your commitment to the appropriate volunteer office. You may hold both volunteer positions; however, if you do not fulfill your commitment, you will be flagged as leaving in bad standing and unable to further participate in the Research Volunteer Program.

Application processing can take up to 10 business days. DO NOT contact the coordinator if it has been less than 10 business days. If you have not identified a PI or Sponsor, your information will be placed in an area where PIs/Sponsors can see your application and will contact you if they need a research volunteer.

You are not able to begin assisting in research in any capacity until all the following are completed:

1. All paperwork has been submitted,

2. You have received an Ascension Seton Volunteer badge (If volunteering to be onsite),

3. Approval from the Research Volunteer Program Manager.

Thank you!

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