2019-2020 Nursing Scholarship Application

St. Vincent Foundation Nursing Scholarships are available to eligible St. Vincent associates employed by the following St. Vincent ministries:

  • Peyton Manning Children's Hospital at St. Vincent
  • St. Vincent Breast Center
  • St. Vincent Cancer Care
  • St. Vincent Carmel Hospital
  • St. Vincent Fishers
  • St. Vincent Heart Center of Indiana - 86th Street
  • St. Vincent Indianapolis Hospital
  • St. Vincent Joshua Max Simon Primary Care Center
  • St. Vincent Seton Specialty
  • St. Vincent Stress Center
  • St. Vincent Women's Hospital

Applicants should be pursuing bachelor's, master's or doctoral degrees in nursing at accredited schools of nursing for the Fall 2019 - Spring 2020 academic year. Previous St. Vincent Foundation nursing scholarship recipients may apply again if pursuing a new nursing degree.

Nursing scholarships are made possible by the generous contributions of individuals, corporations and foundations who wish to recognize the outstanding nursing care provided to St. Vincent patients and their families, who value education, and who want to encourage the pursuit of higher degrees in nursing.

Application and Renewal Criteria

Applicants must have been continually employed in a benefits-eligible position (minimum 0.5 FTE) at one of the above named St. Vincent facilities for the past 12 months at the time of application.

Applicants must provide proof of enrollment in an accredited nursing program. (If applicant is in the application process, he/she may apply with explanation. Proof of acceptance must be provided to the St. Vincent Foundation prior to release of scholarship funds.) Documentation can include an official transcript from the last semester of enrollment, a letter of acceptance on school letterhead that includes a start date, or a letter from the school confirming the applicant's current enrollment on letterhead.

Application must be completed in full, including two peer and one director/manager recommendations. Applicant must meet all other requirements to be eligible for consideration.

Application Timeframe

Scholarship applications and recommendation forms will be accepted by the St. Vincent Foundation from February 4th 2019 to midnight March 15th 2019.

No exceptions.


Many questions can be answered by visiting the FAQs and Troubleshooting page by clicking the tab at the top of the St. Vincent Nursing Scholarship SharePoint site or visiting the website listed here: https://ascensionhealth.sharepoint.com/sites/HM-IN/Indianapolis/nsa/Lists/FAQs/Home.aspx . However, if you have additional questions about this application or the application process, please contact the St. Vincent Foundation at FoundationScholarships@stvincent.org or 317-338-5085.

Applicants are responsible for ensuring that all appropriate forms have been collected and submitted by the due date.


Please complete all questions in each section of the application.

If you wish to save your work and return later please click the "SAVE & RETURN LATER" button.

Application Sections

  • Section I: Applicant Contact Information
  • Section II: Applicant Work Information
  • Section III: Applicant School Information (ex. name, Bursar's address, major, estimated tuition and fees)
  • Section IV: Application Status
  • Section V: Applicant Essays (500 words per question) - These essays must be written within a Word document and you will be required to upload them to the application form.
    • How have you impacted the advancement of nursing practice at St. Vincent? Give specific examples.
    • Describe how this scholarship will enable you to further impact patient care at St. Vincent.
  • Section VI: Applicant Questions - To be typed within the REDCap application.
    • St Vincent Activities/Involvement (committees, task forces, significant events or initiatives, leadership positions, honors received in past 5 years.)
    • Community Involvement (community boards, committees, significant events, leadership positions and honors received in past 5 years.)
  • Section VII: Application Submission
Upon completion of this final section, emails will be sent to your Director and Two Peer reviewers CC'ing you, with links to their sections for completion. You will recieve a confirmation email once they have completed their requirments.

This application will not be accepted unless all fields and sections have been completed and the form has been electronically signed and submitted.

Paper copies will not be accepted

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